Alaska II

When checking out, the lady at the campground said she would normally charge us the full rate since we camped in an RV spot but if I didn’t say anything she would cut me a break. Not only did she not charge us for the RV rate, she also gave us the Good Sam discount which was a couple of bucks less than the regular camping rate, score! Thank you!

Lori booked us into a B&B in anchorage for a couple of days. The B&B is basically a regular house in a regular neighbourhood. Our bed was comfortable enough and the room had a retro music motif going on. Breakfast was ok, definitely not as fancy shmancy as the B&B we stayed at in Quebec, which set the bar pretty high.

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Just before crossing into Alaska, we passed the 20,000km mark for the trip. Wow! We’ve really been putting some miles down so far and are both starting to feel it.

Alaska can be summed up into one word. Actually, no it can’t. It has turned out to be the visual highlight of our trip so far. If I had to start somewhere it would be with stunning! There are literally glaciers after glaciers, after glaciers…you get the idea. Continue reading


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Robert Service Campground is located just outside Whitehorse right along the Yukon river, a great spot if you’re riding a bike. First, it is just a tent campground so no RV’s here. Also because we were on a bike, we were allowed to ride in to our site. Anyone in a car has to park in the parking lot and walk in. Something to consider if you have to haul your entire camping set up to one of the spots along the extremity of the campground. Continue reading

Into the Yukon

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Another beautiful day on the road.

Every so often either Lori or I get this feeling that we’re going to see an animal. It doesn’t always happen but in this instance a few miles down the road, we see some rather large droppings on the highway and some worn out patches in the grass where you can tell a large animal has rolled around. A few moments later we slowed down to see a herd of buffalo grazing on the opposite side of the road. Although Yellowstone had the highest buffalo population we’ve seen on this trip, this was actually the closest we got to these big guys. Continue reading

Moving north

Moving through Alberta was somewhat on the uneventful side once we got clear of Jasper. We killed a day in Edmonton getting the bike serviced and ended up in Grand Prairie a couple of days later. I was pretty excited to be heading north, not only closer to Alaska, but I was also looking forward to the extended daylight. At the moment it’s 10:30pm and it’s still light out.

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Banff & Jasper

In the morning we awoke to water dripping into our tent. Rain? That’s strange, the forecast didn’t mention rain! We looked outside to find a sprinkler strategically placed on our campsite, so that it covered the picnic table with our towels and about half the tent. Not a great way to start the day. I got no love from the culprit (employee) doing the watering when I brought this to his attention. I was quite unimpressed!

Too bad, overall it seemed like a nice town. We walked to a Shawarma place the night before for dinner, which was excellent and thought a stop at Cora’s for breakfast would improve the mood a bit in the morning.

We skirted Calgary on our way out of Okotoks and rode towards Banff and Jasper. It didn’t take long for the scenery to dramatically change from flat farmland to sharp, jagged peaks of the Rockies rising up from the ground.

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Teton’s, Yellowstone & Beartooth Pass

Wow, what a spectacular day! We rode through the Teton’s, Yellowstone and finally up to almost 11,000 feet over Beartooth Pass into Montana. That’s a lot to take in in one day I have to say. I have this strange sensation when we do days like this where the start of the day and end of the day feel like they happened on different days. It’s a strange sense of time and place that I’m noticing more and more on this adventure. Even on a larger scale, it’s harder to put into context being in Newfoundland in June and now finding ourselves in Montana.

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Beartooth Redux

We tried to come up with a plan for the day over breakfast at Cafe Regis in Red Lodge, just a few minutes from the campground. We looked north on the map and saw an ugly I-90 looking back at us, so we did the most reasonable thing we could think of, we headed back to Yellowstone, back along Beartooth Pass. We both agreed it was a road worth riding (at least) twice. It really was that spectacular.

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Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Into Idaho we go

We made our way towards Jackson WY where Fernando and Almu said they found a great campground. Lori’s aversion to bear encounters and the desire for more serviced campgrounds (read bathrooms and showers), landed us in Teton Valley Campground in Idaho however. About a 30 minute ride from Jackson over beautiful Teton pass.

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